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Royalty Free .wav drum loops for your digital music production.

Full length tracks
Low quality Mp3 demos

Track 1 Mp3 - short Wav sample Track 1 Wav
Track 2 Mp3
- short Wav sample Track 2 Wav
Track 3 Mp3
- short Wav sample Track 3 Wav
Track 4 Mp3
- short Wav sample Track 3 Wav
High quality full length versions available to gold members

Hydraulics - over 50 - 108bpm - 12 channel multi track drum loops for Steinberg Cubase SX users - SX sample
Edited loops that perfectly go together to create drum tracks.
Wav sample 2 loops

Blues beats with separate fills and cymbals so easier to mix like all our loops... subscribers get the full range of 83 multi track 32bit wav loops.
Wav sample - 10 loops pasted together
Here's a link to the larger 121Mb Cubase SX wav files

Slow grooves hydraulic drum loops with separate fill loops that lock together...
Wav sample - 5 loops pasted together

72 multi track loops. 32bit 44kH -114bpm
Try these in any program that takes wav files. Import them into your DAW set to the same bpm, line um up and go...

Cubase multi track loops 93Mb
2 overheads, 2 snares, 2 bass drum mics plus 5 tom mics.

Post Punk
Multi loop wav mix 124 bpm - Wav
Cubase DAW multi track file - Cubase SX wav audio

Listen to what you can do with one of our drum loops.. Vintage loop

Ambient 115bpm - 32bit wav - played with Hot Rods.
Subscribers get 79 loops/samples 358Mb.
Wav-1 Wav-2 Wav-3 Wav-4 Wav-5 Wav-6

Double kick 160bpm - 32bit wav.
Subscribers get 62 loops/samples
Wav-1 Wav-2 Wav-3 Wav-4 Wav-5

Swing Beat 150bpm - 32bit wav.
41 loops/samples 200Mb.
Wav-1 Wav-2 Wav-3 Wav-4 Wav-5 Wav-6

Swing Beat 130bpm - 32bit wav.
30 loops/samples - 200Mb.
Wav-1 Wav-2 Wav-3 Wav-4 Wav-5

Ambient Wav, Rock Wav, Funk Wav, Hip-Hop Wav, some of these are also available in Multi Track for Cubase SX users.

Paste these loops into your DAW and quickly produce a rock solid drum track for you project.

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Free membership.
Over 2500 pre edited .wav loops
Join and become a Free member

Access our large expanding library of real drum loops, great sounding and easy to use.

16, 24 & 32 bit, Cubase SX wav, Rex 2 wav file formats.

Cubase SX users can access Multi Track wav drums, separated over lots of channels for you to infinitely adjust everything.

("")Awarded 9/10 in Computer Music Magazine

These drums are recorded using vintage and modern equipment.

No bulls*** drumming that can be used to construct songs and music royalty free.

Key to the file name abbreviations

Hi-Hat patterns include :- Q = Quarter notes, E = Eighth notes, S = Sixteenth notes,
C = Cowbell, Tam = Tambourine, Ride = Ride cymbal, Fill = Snare fill, Tom = Tom fills,
Cymbal = Crash cymbals, Hi-Hats and Rides.


Cubase SX
Takers - original track using two multi track drum loops the rest is all VST midi instruments done in Cubase.

users we have tons of 24Bit 96kH multi track wav loops separated over lots of channels. These are also edited to loop when set to the same bpm as your project. These are larger zip files and may take longer to download.

You can play with every part of the drum sound, you have total control over each instrument...

Add EQ and add FX to any of these channels.

x2 Snare mics top and bottom - SM57
Hi-Hat - AKG 451 CK1
x2 Bass drum mics - AKG D12 and D112
x4 Tom mics - Sennheiser 421, 504 and SM57
x2 overhead mics - AKG 451 CK3 and CK22

We have covered many styles of music to produce a massive collection of copyright free loops and samples which are easy for you to use to construct a rhythmic base for your music or media project.

If you would like to hear a particular style of drum loop email us here



Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues, Ballad, Raggae, Ambient & Acoustic,, Hip Hop, Swing, Punk, Vintage with separate Cymbal, Hi-Hat and Ride patterns using Paiste & Sabian cymbals.

All are played to a metronome so should lock straight into your sequencer when set to the same bpm.






























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